Ask any creative person, and they’ll tell you how important it is to step away from the computer and allow ideas and concepts to form beyond the screen. But why? For any successful project, this simple task of putting pen and paper together can make a world of difference, arguably, sometimes it’s what can make or break a project.

While some ideas come right away, it’s not until you explore all aspects, angles and possibilities that you can be confident that the one idea is relevant and in the end the best solution. With experience we are able to recognize when certain solutions work and when they don’t, we become so efficient that we allow ourselves to sacrifice a very valuable basic skill we learn in our first days as designers – to start with pen and paper. In the spirit of returning to this ritual, and because we miss scribbling in our sketchbooks, our studio has decided to take the time and commit to a 30 day art challenge.

What is it exactly? Every day, for the next 30 days I will be stepping away from the computer, and I will be creating some sort of drawing using anything other than the computer. As a side note to all my clients because I just felt a chill and a moment of panic, don’t worry, I will still be working on all your wonderful projects! To make it a true and valuable challenge, all the images must be created using a particular exercise, chosen by myself and my fellow challenger Ana-Maria Enescu, another designer. The exercises can be completed within 5 minutes or 5 hours – that is up to each of us to decide, but every morning we will be posting our results. The purpose of this challenge is to get us back into what we believe is a good habit, and we hope along the way we inspire you to do something that perhaps is important to you and/or your business but might have been pushed aside. We also hope to show you that each problem/challenge offers various perspectives and solutions, and the best part is that it can be a surprise to us all.

JULY 01 – PRE-PRINTED (done weekly): find a pre-printed paper (newspaper, magazine, etc) and add a drawing to what is already there.
JULY 02 – write out and decorate your favourite phrase
JULY 03 – BLACK and WHITE ONLY (done weekly): self-portrait
JULY 04 – IF I WERE A… (done weekly): car what would I look like
JULY 05 – FOUND OBJECTS (done weekly): Make a pattern out of square shapes
JULY 06 – Draw the letter ‘a’ in 50 different ways
JULY 07 – Draw the negative space of an object

Ok, here we go. First day down, 29 to go.

This is Ana-Maria’s before and after:

And here is mine, before and after.


  1. Thanks Stay-At-Home-Chef!!! It was a challenge to step away from the computer and not ‘perfect it’.

  2. Such a fabulous idea! I love your listed prompts…wish I could draw so I could participate :) Love the first drawing and look forward to more!

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